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If you've been on the Internet very long, it becomes obvious that you've entered a global medium. You'll exchange e-mail with people in Estonia and South Africa, the Netherlands and Singapore. It's a truly globe-shrinking experience; global village and all that. But the paradigm shift is much more profound than many people realize.
Like it or not, when you set up a Web page you just began a global business! Now you may be a poor global businessperson or an accomplished one, but you have hung out your shingle to the world. On any given week hundreds of people form scores of countries visit your Web sites. How easy do YOU make it for them to do business with you?

Juugo has all the tools you need to be successful in your global business. Either as a part-time, 2 hours a week involvement or by going full speed with a 100% fulltime commitment. The more you work, the more you make, its that simple.

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