Towah™ History

As with many other globally successful companies Towah™ was borne out of humble beginnings. Towah™ was realised after years of frustration with the payment systems in the network marketing industry, late payments, delayed payments and in-secure payments.

Towah™ was founded in 2004 and started their live testing in 2006 with the goal to provide payment and information services to the Network Marketing industry, also known as Multi- Level Marketing (“MLM”).

The company’s founders, who together have over 10 years of experience within the MLM industry and 25 years in product development, saw a real need for tailor-made payment systems to secure seamless transactions from customers to MLM companies and commission payments back to the customers. With this vision, Towah™ shall create customer value through Towah™ Members Club by providing services that increase security, simplify daily transactions, manage information and increase communication possibilities.

After many discussions and the realisation that they had a found a solution to a global problem, Towah™ was born.

Now five years later, after much door knocking, hard work and nail biting, Towah™ is developing into the realisation of that dream and is positioned favourably within the financial industry.

Towah™ ’s possibilities are so great that several established executives from the financial world have joined our team and hugely successful companies within the financial arena are currently in negotiations with us to work with us as partners.

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