The vision

Imagine being able to have full use of a credit card for purchases, securing car hire, hotel reservations etc but without the dread of receiving a bill the at the end of the month or the following month?

Imagine not having to go through tedious credit checks all the while knowing that you won't pass because some unfortunate incident in your life has rendered you not credit worthy?

Imagine not having to live through the frustration of being told that you cannot get a credit card because your credit score is too low and deems you a possible risk, or being offered a credit card at excruciating interest rates, more likely to financially paralyse you and make your circumstances worse than be of any assistance?

Well here at Towah™ we have taken all these possibilities into consideration and think it's high time a company comes along with people’s best interest at heart. We believe that every individual should have the right to be able to access products and services using a credit card facility without the fear of delayed bills or high interest rates.

We envision a world where people will have better money management, where we are not killing ourselves with debt. It's time for us to learn how to be frugal and spend what we have instead of hyper extending lines of credit.

With Towah's help, the world might just get one step closer!

* Towah™ shall become the leading operator in payments for the Network Marketing industry.
* Towah™ shall further develop security based solutions and add-on products that can enhance the value of members in Towah™ Members Club
* Focus will be on delivering the best available services through continuous development and innovation.

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